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 Day Description  Notes
1 Bergen – Three men sentenced to death for operating radio transmitter. Later commuted to imprisonment in Germany.
 3 Oslo: The ‘old’ leaders of Athletic Associations advised the ‘new’ association leader that there would be no co-operation.
 4 Major Olaf Helset and Chr. A.R. Christensen arrested by Gestapo. Lt. Col. Ole Berg took over as leader of Milorg
 5 All persons over 15 years old ordered to carry identity papers
 6 Pastoral letter, refusing to accept changes decreed by Nazis, sent to all congregations, and read from most pulpits.
 8 Gestapo impounded 7000 copies of Pastoral letter.
 12 Norwegian M/S Borgestad, the leading ship in a convoy of 19 “sacrificed itself” to save 12 ships.
15 Hitler orders strengthening of German defences in Norway against British invasion: Fortress Norway Fortress Norway
17 Bergen – Two-day strike of high-school students against Nazi infiltration, propaganda, and bullying by members of Quisling’s ‘hird.’
 21 London – Foreign Minister Halvdan Koht resigns.
 25 Bergen – Verdict in the ‘Haugesund Spy Affair’– 10 sentenced to death, seven got long prison sentences, and one was acquitted. The death sentences were later commuted but four of the men were forced to diffuse several unexploded bombs before they were released.
Feb – Mar Bergen – The Gestapo apprehended a large Resistance group led by Roald Alvær. In May 1941, 34 of the men arrested were sentenced to death. .
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