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JUNE 1944

 Day Description  Notes
June, thousands of young men who refused to register for Labour service fled into woods and countryside. Popularly known as “The boys in the woods”.
Normandy: D-Day – Allied forces landed on Normandy beaches. Norwegian participation on land, sea and in the air.
Alta – Radio station “Ida” discovered by Gestapo – one of operators, Karl Rasmussen arrested but commits suicide in Tromsø
Oslo – Registration machine destroyed in sabotage of Norske Folk’s office.
Oladalen, Nordland – Arrest of Linge leader Capt. Sjøberg leads to round-up of Resistance cells in county.
Hønesfoss – Arrest of communist Resistance man leads to many further arrests
Etterstad – Radio operator Sverre Narvesen arrested
Valdres: Start of extensive German search for Resistance groups.
Oslo – Max Manus and Gregers Gram damage G. ship “Monte Rosa”
Oslo – Successful Linge actions against Lysaker and Verpen works
London: Crown-Prince Olav appointed CiC Norwegian Forces effectoved from July 1
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