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JUNE 1940

 Day Description  Notes
1 Government advised that Northern Norway must capitulate as last allied forces leave. But Norwegian troops continue to fight.
 2 – Narvik Heavy bombing by 23 German aircraft. British fighters shoot down 7 but much damage to building in town and 35 civilians killed
 7 – Tromsø The King, Parliament and Government leave Norway on board HMS Devonshire bound for England
 8 – Bergen
North  SeaNarvik
Extensive fires followed by huge explosion, Many Norwegian civilians and German troops killed..British aircraft carrier ‘Glorious’ sunk by ‘Scharnhorst and Gneisenau.German troops re-enter Narvik – the battle for N. Norway ends.
 9 –  Tromsø Norwegian forces capitulate after resisting the invasion for an unexpected two months. Tromsø radio broadcasts proclamation from Government stating that the struggle to drive the Germans out of Norway had not ceased: “On the contrary, we will continue the struggle from outside the country.” General Otto Ruge, in his speech right after the proclamation, promised eventual victory and closed with the stirring words: “This promise will be kept, perhaps not by me…But those who continue the struggle abroad and you who are young, will keep the promise when the time comes.”
 10 –
King Haakon lands in Grennock, near Glasgow. By train to London.
 11 – Oslo German demands to administrative council
 15 –  Bergen Huge British air-raid – more than 100 building destroyed.
 16 – Ålvik First sabotage action in occupied Norway. Power station damaged.
 19 –  Scotland Norwegian Army Headquarters established by General Fleischer.
 20 –  London Norwegian Marine Headquarters established under Admiral Diesen and two other officers.
 24 Butter and margarine rationed
 25 –  Bergen First Norwegians tried and convicted of spying. Thirteen condemned to death, but later reprieved.
 27 Oslo President Council in Oslo, after fruitless negotiations with Germans, requests King Haakon to abdicate
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