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Norwegian inhabitants evacuated from Svalbard onboard ‘Empress of Canada’ Coal stocks set on fire.
Oslo:The Justice Department abolishes the jury system.
SS Gruppenfϋher Reinhard Heydrich visits Oslo
British aircraft bomb Oslo harbour, little damage, few casualties.
Milk rationing imposed – some industrial workers strike.
Paul Hartmann arrived in London as first official representative for the Norwegian Resistance movement.
State of emergency declared in Oslo and Akershus. Union official Viggo Hansteen and Rolf Wickstrøm tried and executed on same day. Many others arrested and sentenced to hard labour – among them: Einar Gerhardsen, Lars Evensen, Konrad Nordahl and Haakon Lie.
Students and faculty of Oslo University summoned to meeting by SS Sturmbannführer Knab. Chancellor, Prof. Seip was relieved of his position and arrested later same day.
British aircraft attack Haugvik foundry in Glomfjord.
Russian submarine landed 13 men, Russian and Norwegians, on the Varanger peninsula.
State of emergency lifted.
In a secret order from the German High Command, all resistance in occupied countries to be attributed to communists. For every German killed in such cases, 50 – 100 hostages to be executed.
Squadron 331 moved to Skebrae in the Orkneys.
Secretaries of State ‘promoted’ to Ministers by Terboven
Germans establish weather stations on abandoned Longyearby.
New edict from Terboven – death penalty to apply to “attempts to escape to enemy territory, or activities on behalf of enemy.”
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