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After meetings in London, the Milorg Central Leadership issued the “September Directive” outlining alternatives and plans for the cessation of hostilities. Henceforth, “Milorg” would be known as “Home Forces” (HS)
Finland surrenders
Prison ship Westfalen sunk by mine. 70 prisoners drowned.. Westfalen
Bergen: British mini-submarine sank floating dock.
Altafjord: Heavy bombers attack Tirpitz. Ship damaged beyond local repair.
Halden: Three hundred Resistance workers arrested
Kongsberg Weapons: Sabotage group blows up cannons and machines.
Minnesund: Transformer station destroyed by saboteurs
Hønefoss: State of Emergency: Massive German round-up. Two hostages murdered
Oslo: Two major sabotage actions, Lysaker and Hakadal
Horten: A newly built submarine-chaser completely destroyed by saboteurs
Vikna – After more than a year of “negative contact” Henry Rinnan and the Gestapo carry out widespread round-up of Resistance workers.
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