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 Day Description  Notes
Passenger ship ‘Oslofjord’ sunk in Tynemouth by acoustic mine
Wearing of badges in support of Royal Family prohibited
Ålesund – 32 arrested for demonstrations against NS control of town
The Justice Department advised that the retirement age for all public officials was reduced from 70 to 65. The Supreme Court argued that this move was illegal.
All Supreme Court judges resign in protest against Nazi policies
Oslo – Widespread demonstrations against Nazi and NS rule.
London – Trygve Lie, in a speech on BBC, says that the one aim of the exile Government is to…free Norway.
New High Court judges appointed – all Nazi sympathisers.
‘Fuhrer’ principal introduced at local government level.
Kristiansand – The entire police force resigns in protest against the order instituting the ‘Hitler salute’ (Heil Hitler)
British planes bomb snow shelters over railway tracks near Finse.
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