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 Day Description  Notes
Resistance leaders met at Professor W. Werenskiold’s home. Organization plan for R-Group approved for civil and military.
Divorce Law changed to allow divorce if one of couple is abroad
Jonas Lie visits Bergen  – further anti-NS demonstrations.
Canada -‘Little Norway’ – the training camp for Norwegian airmen officially opened.
NS Justice Minister Riisnæs advises that his department henceforth will be responsible for all ‘hiring’ and ‘firing’ of judges and other judicial official.
Norwegian Farmers’ Association votes against joining NS-controlled association.
Larvik- peaceful demonstration against NS minister.
London – Foreign Minister Koht given sick leave for 3 months. 

Trygve Lie temporary replacement.

The Norwegian Supreme Court rejects the Justice Department’s edict of November 17.
A large majority of teachers refused to sign under acceptance of Terboven’s ‘loyalty oath’ of October 4.
All previous athletic associations disbanded and reformed as the Nazi-dominated Norwegian Athletic Association
Oslo University Professor Jac. S. Worm-Mữller suspended from duty because of his anti-NS opinions.
Dr. Goebbels visited Oslo. Students arrested for turning their backs on him as his car drove up the main street.
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