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 Day Description  Notes
Sale of anything bearing an image of King Haakon or his family prohibited.
Axel Stang, the new, ‘appointed’ minister for ‘labour service and athletics’, warns that a three month compulsory ‘labour service’ (CLS) will be implemented from Spring, 1941.
Labour Service
Church litany changed – prayer for ‘King and his house’ deleted.
Union Leaders Elias Volan and Jens Evensen dismissed and replaced by  NS man, Jens Tangen.
The Supreme Court issued an opinion on Terboven’s ‘nyordning’ – conclusion that Germany could only implement  ‘temporary military power.’ The opinion was generally ignored.
Terboven edict to all public employees, including teachers: “join NS or lose job”
General Otto Ruge from his Grini prison, appoints Olaf Helset and John Rognes as his representatives when he is sent to Germany.
Norwegian Athletic Association met with Axel Stang to discuss the Association’s political and athletic independence
Quisling visits Bergen – anti-Quisling demonstrations.
All clothing rationed.
Interior Minister Hagelin issues new orders bringing all local councils under NS control.
Coastal Steamer ‘Princesse Ragnhld’ sinks after hitting a mine – 300 persons died.
Terboven proclaims that all political cases to be tried by a special court.
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