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Terboven meets Hitler in Berlin – advises against co-operation with NS in Norway and no position for Quisling
Quisling meets Hitler in Berlin – requests NS majority in Norway – and a replacement for Terboven.
Hitler’s decision – both Quisling and Terboven to remain – negotiations to continue.
Norwegian Airmen begin to train at Toronto Flying Club – beginning of ‘Little Norway’
Discussions continue – German demand that King Haakon should abdicate remained unconditional.
Group and president meeting in Parliament – majority for acceptance of German demand.
‘Border Zone West’ established in Sogn og Fjordane, Hordaland, Bergen, Rogaland Aus tog Vest-Agder and parts of Telemark, Vestfold and Østfold. Travel restrictions imposed.
Terboven and Quisling again to Berlin. German demands stand
Norway’s two athletic organisations agree to merge. Olaf Helset, Foreman and Rolf Hofmo Vice-foreman.
After further fruitless negotiations – no agreement.- members of Parliament resign.
Freemason activity in Norway banned, property expropriated
Royalist  Doctor Johan Scharffenberg, in Oslo speech to Student Union, supports King Haakon as icon for Norwegian hopes and independence. Standing ovation.
Demonstration in Bergen against travel restrictions
Oslo’s Chief of Police, Kristian Welhaven dismissed by Nazis. He was later arrested and sent to Germany
Christian Advisory Council for the Norwegian Church established
All weapons and ammunition in civilian hands in Norway to be turned in to German authorities before October 4
Final chapter in struggle for constitutional power in Norway – Terboven bans all political parties except NS, dissolves  Administrative Council, installs Commissioner Government of 13 men, 9 of whom were NS members. Start of ‘nyordningen.’
Dr. Scharffenberg and Student Union President Johan Sanness arrested.
The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and other public institutions re-organised with ‘reliable’ NS heads.
In a Stavanger newspaper editor Trond Hegna criticizes Terboven’s  Comissioner Government. Hegna was arrested and the newspaper closed down the same evening.
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