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 Day Description  Notes
Kristiansand; Harbour attacked by British aircraft.
Bjarne Thorsen returns to Bergen from England with radio transmitter and coder earmarked forTheta group
Oslo – large numbers of ration-cards for food and clothes stolen from Rationing office.
N. citizens living abroad to lose citizenship and forfeit their assets in Norway.
Oslo – KK (Co-ordination committee) issues the first of many ‘paroles’ – guidelines on how ‘good’ Norwegian should behave.
The first of three groups of men from the Linge Company landed in Selvær to organize a military force in Helgeland.
Haugesund: Harbour bombed..
Chocolate and sweets rationed.
Letter from Bishops to Church Department – “Bishops have the right and duty to be informed and asked to comment before Church-related actions are initiated.”
British and Norwegian forces attack Lofoton, Vågsøy and Måløy
Herdla airport near Bergen bombed.
‘Stavanger episode’ – eleven Norwegian men shot for espionage – they were sentenced to death on December 3.
Russian aircraft bomb Kirkenes – 11 German officers killed.
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