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Bjørn Christophersen, Secretary to the newly established Norwegian Defence Council in London, presented the first of a series of notes which outlined the projected Norwegian contribution to the liberation of Norway.
Norwegian translations of foreign authors forbidden.
Fishing boat ‘Blia’ sinks with 37 men and women who were fleeing to England, and a crew of 6 onboard.
Students at Oslo University on strike against Nazification of the students’ representatives.
N. Government in London recognizes Milorg as a “military organization… reporting directly to H.O.K” (Army Supreme Command)
H Ingvald Garbo sentenced to death and executed for “attempting to undermine the German defence forces’ internal strength.”
In a note to Oscar Torp, the SOE (Special Operations Executive) outlines plans for co-operation with N. resistance.
London- Defence Minister Ljungberg  given three months leave of absence. Oscar Torp takes over his duties.
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